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DIN GIOR Tattoo & Piercing Studio proudly presents a customized course in artistic tattooing. The course is divided into practice and theory, at a modern studio in Kyiv with the best equipment. You will learn all about tattooing equipment, methods, tattoo types and much more, but most importantly, you will enough practical tattooing experience to work independently. Our artistic tattoo course allows you to choose your own hours based on how busy you are and how much free time you have. You’ll learn tattooing supervised by an experienced instructor employed by our studio. The studio will provide you with everything you need for learning. You do not need to spend money on purchasing equipment or time searching for tattooing models to practice on. Upon completion of the course, you will receive an international standard certificate, and, if necessary, the studio will help you to choose your own tattooing equipment.
You can read more about the artistic tattooing course below.

Every student gets a special price for all collection of our tattoo shop

Provide with all necessary for studying materials absolutely for free

All your home tasks you can make in our studio absolutely for rfee

The best graduates can work in our studio on regular basis

All teachers of the course are masters of our studio

300+ successfully graduated from our tattoo courses

Medical part of the course is held by a measter with medical education

Different programmes of the course, last from 1 up to 3 days

Program course


1.1 Theory: 2 classes / 2 academic hours
1.2 Practice (on artificial skin): 2 classes / 2 academic hours
1.3 Practice (on live models): 2 classes / 2 academic hours
  • course fee: $150
  • course duration: 6 academic hours (2-3 days)
  • individual classes
  • homework
  • course students must invite their own models for the practice section
  • the Studio provides all equipment and consumables for the whole course period
  • on completion of the course, students receive a personal artistic tattoo course completion certificate


2.1 BASIC COURSE program: 6 academic hours (2-3 days)
2.2 Practicing newly acquired skills and techniques: 5 academic hours (2-3 days)
  • course fee: $360
  • course duration: 11 academic hours (4-6 days)
  • individual classes
  • students may use Studio-provided models for the practice section
  • the Studio provides all equipment and consumables for the whole course period
  • on completion of the course, students receive a personal artistic tattoo course completion certificate


3.1 One-day course of advanced training for a specific artistic tattoo technique with our Studio’s artists.
3.2 To enroll in the program, applicants must possess advanced artistic tattoo skills (e.g., a full course certificate from our Studio).
  • participation fee: $150
  • workshop duration: as long as it takes to practice doing one tattoo in your chosen style
  • on completion, students receive a personal advanced training certificate for a specific artistic tattoo technique/style (chosen by students beforehand).


! Note that our course and participation fees are fixed. We never offer vague “from… up to…” prices like it often happens in the market, so there will be no failed expectations.
! A certificate does not an artist make. It’s all about the skills. Of course, having a certificate is a nice addition to your resume; however, it’s the personal achievements that make the keystone of employment and self-improvement. We’ve seen cases of artists with international certificates (and signed by the International Tattoo and Piercing Association at that) failing to find employment due to lack of competence, as most employers prefer to recruit skilled people, not certificate owners. After all, a certificate can be bought online, but skills can be obtained only through practice and with talent.
! Our courses and workshops are designed exclusively for people with drawing skills and a passion for drawing. Otherwise you won’t be able to complete the courses.


Tattoo master

Dmitry, tattoo and piercing artist

I started dabbing into tattoo and piercing as early as 16: I learned from artists I knew and completed a MasterSkin studio course. In 2003, I started doing my first tattoos – first on friends, who then recommended me to other clients. All in all, first it turned into a hobby of mine, and then this hobby became my job. It brings pleasure to both me and my clients.

What I can do:

- piercings of any complexity: from earlobes to the most private body parts

- tattoos, both B/W and color, preferably floral and Japanese-styled.

- laser tattoo removal.

Tattoo master

Leonid, tattoo artist

I’ve been getting ink done since 2006. My professional journey began with ornament and linear graphics styles. In 2010 I started my first tattoo studio job, where I gained new experience and improved my techniques. After that, I switched to more complex tattoo styles: Japanese style, Biomechanics and Realism

Tattoo master

Aleksandr, tattoo artist

Hi, I’m Aleksandr! I believe that an “artist” is a relative term. Is it someone who bought a box of paints or a box of pencils, and ruined 154 canvasses? Or is it someone with an art degree who was taught to draw a jug and an apple? If those are your definitions of an artist, then no, I'm not one. I am better! I know lots of techniques, nuances and secrets. I am a seasoned professional. I don’t have any favorite styles, but can do any ink you like. Whatever picture you show me, I’ll get it done on your skin

Tattoo master

Aleksandr, tattoo artist
We have another Aleksandr at our studio, who wrote a poem about himself:
A couple of years ago, I had ink done by an artist
Who was not skilled at all,
So my ink turned out terrible.
After that, I thought:
Even I could do it better!
I got a better ink since,
And became a tattoo artist myself.
Now, I still draw pictures,
Not on paper, but on people.
It’s serious business,
As skin is the most precious canvas.
My tattoos last for all eternity.
What about my styles?
Japanese is interesting, but I don’t like the colors.
So my favorites are Neotraditional and Organic.
Well then, that should be it.
Yours, Gruz

Tattoo master

Aleksey “Aksai”, tattoo artist

I have six years of tattooing experience. I learned at a Chinese tattoo parlor named Western in the city of Dongguang. My favorite styles are Celtic, Dotwork, Chicano, Polynesia, Traditional, Blackwork, Ornamental, Ethnic, Geometry, Maori, Linework and Engraving.

Tattoo master

Dmitrii Krymskii
I’ve had a passion for art since childhood, putting graffiti and tags on walls in my city.
Been practicing tattooing since 2015; became a professional tattoo artist in 2016. My favorite
styles are black & gray, horror, lettering, traditional, dotwork and new school.


Ready to meet your master?

Ready to meet your master?