DIN GIOR tattoo & piercing is proud to present you individual courses on art tattoo. Classes consist of practical and theoretical parts and are held in modern equipped studio. Our experienced masters will explain you basics of tattooing craft, share secrets of their skill and help you choose the style and direction in tattooing that would reveal your talent in the most efficient manner. We offer effective and verified program. Make money doing what you love!


Our courses have optimal ratio of price and efficiency. Best offer on the market.

We provide all necessary equipment for practical work absolutely free during study.

Free and friendly atmosphere.

Best graduates are provided with an opportunity to work in our tattoo-studio.

All course teachers are experienced world-class tattoo masters.

More than 300 student have completed our courses of tattoo-art.

Fixed price! Best offer on the market.

Different training programs with flexible or individual schedule.

DIN GIOR tattoo & piercing School training program

Formula for successful training in our school consists in unique program developed by our tattoo masters. All classes (except of theory on basic course) are held individually with a teacher! Our aim is the realization of programs including optimal ratio of price and efficiency. We do not have overpayment for needless presence in any regional or “international” associations, we don’t cheat on the quantity of practical hours etc. Our graduates work in USA, European Union and CIS countries.


Materials and equipment used in work (tattoo machines, cartridges, needles, paints etc.)
Equipment required at master’s workplace
Sterilization of tools and equipment, utilization of disposables. Personal hygiene and sanitation of equipment and workplace
Emergence of art tattoos, their types and styles
Methods of tattooing
Client survey, and why do we need it
Medications and method of application
Preparation for tattooing. Translation of the scetch to the skin. Transfer. Practice free Hands
Tattoo care


Estimation and way of drawing of the image of future tattoo
Colorful and black-and-white tattoos. Methods of tattooing
Secrets of transitions in tattoo colors
Enhancing of tattooing skill (using artificial leather)
Practice of art tattooing on real person under the guidance of master


Properly formed training course on art tattooing will help you to go from rookie to real pro, starting with theoretical program, ending with practice on real models. Best teachers of tattooing school with many years of experience will turn you into experts. If you’re looking for art tattooing courses – come to us. You will be able to perform works of primary and secondary levels in most common tattoo styles. Acquired skills will provide you rapid progress if you’ll have practice and self-improvement. At the end of the course you will receive not only new profession, but internationally recognized Master’s Certificate too.

DURATION:  35 hours/ 7 days

13000 ₴


Optimal ratio of price, quality and efficiency. After learning of basic skills and their implementation on artificial leather student will go to practice on models. Lessons are held individually at your convenience. Training outcome will include works portfolio and feedback of satisfied clients. This is a special course for beginners including theory and advanced practice. Lessons are held in intensive individual format so you will receive result much faster. For example, studying may last for only two weeks – that is ideal for those who knows the value of time. And for those who come to Kyiv for holidays or vacations. You receive knowledge fast and come back home with a new status – status of art tattooing master. Graduates are awarded with internationally recognized Master’s Certificate.

DURATION: 100 hours / 20 days

30000 ₴


Advanced course of theory and practice for beginners. Study and acquisition of all most important techniques and styles of tattoos: from contours to complete works. The course will provide you with necessary knowledge for confident start in profession. Lessons are held in groups or individually. Course of tattooing training from scratch, one of a kind. It was developed for those who never tried tattooing but really want to. And it will fit for beginners who need perfect knowledge base. Program teaches all styles and techniques: from contours to complete works. Student does the first, black-and white tattoo, at third lesson. Then skill level improves with every next training, along with sketch complexity! Training outcome is all necessary knowledge and skills for the start of career. As well as Training Certificate.

DURATION: 20 hours / 4 days

7000 ₴


For all tattoo masters we offer fully equipped workplace including:

  • Couch, assistant, holder, armchairs, softbox, shelves etc.
  • Waiting area for clients
  • Administration, tea and coffee
  • Printer, Wi-Fi, autoclave
  • Individual lockable box for master

Rental cost includes utility fees

DURATION: 10 hours/ per day

3250 ₴ / per month

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