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DIN GIOR Tattoo & Piercing is honored to present you one-on-one art tattoo training courses. Classes contain practical and theoretical parts and are held in a modern equipped studio in Kiev, under the supervision of an experienced teacher, the current master of our studio. Training in artistic tattoos is based on an individual schedule. The studio will provide you with everything you need for training. You do not need to bear the cost of purchasing equipment and materials for work. You will receive an international certificate, and, if necessary, the studio will help you choose your own tattoo equipment.
And for existing masters, there is a continuing education program that is based on practical exercises on individual programs.
Our masters are the best specialists in the field of tattoo art in Ukraine and Europe, regularly conduct master classes abroad, are laureates of relevant international competitions and festivals. We have something to share with you!)


Each new student has a special price for all products of our store.

We provide absolutely free all the necessary equipment for practical work during the training period

All homework can be done in our studio for free

The best graduates are given employment opportunities in our tattoo studio

All teachers of the course are experienced acting masters of our studio

Over 300 students graduated from our tattoo art courses

Classes in the medical part are conducted by a master with a specialized medical education

Different training programs lasting 1-3 days


Course program



1.1 Theoretical part – 2 lessons of 2 academic hours
  • Types of tattoo machines, related technical equipment used by a tattoo artist;
  • Cartridges, needles and paints used in the process of artistic tattooing. (Also, the master will share with you information on the proper quality of the above equipment and materials, based on his own many years of experience!);
  • Equipment needed at the master’s workplace;
  • Sterilization of tools and equipment, recycling of consumables. Personal hygiene and sanitization of equipment and the workplace.
  • The appearance of artistic tattoos, its types and styles;
  • Methods of applying a tattoo;
  • Questioning a client, and why it is needed;
  • Anesthesia. Preparations and methods of use;
  • The basics of healing tattoos.
1.2 Practice on artificial leather – 2 lessons of 2 academic hours
  • Sketching;
  • Calculation and method of drawing images of the future tattoo;
  • Free hand methods;
  • Color and black and white tattoo. Application techniques;
  • Secrets of applying transitions in the color of a tattoo;
  • Strengthening the skills of applying a tattoo (on artificial skin);
  • The practice of applying artistic tattoos on a person under the guidance of a master;
1.3 Practice on models – 2 lessons of 2 academic hours
  • course cost – $ 150
  • course duration – 6 academic hours (2-3 days)
  • classes are made individually
  • homework expected
  • for practical training, the student provides his own models
  • the studio provides a complete list of equipment and supplies for the entire training period
  • upon graduation, a personal certificate of training in artistic tattoo is issued


2.1 BASIC COURSE program – 6 academic hours (2-3 days)
2.2 Development of acquired skills, practical study of different techniques – 5 academic hours (2-3 days)
  • cost – $ 360
  • course duration -11 academic hours (4-6 days)
  • classes are made individually
  • in the absence of their own, for practical training the studio provides models
  • the studio provides a complete list of equipment and supplies for the entire training period
  • upon graduation, a personal diploma is issued on the completion of a training course in artistic tattooing


3.1 The course is one-day and is designed for advanced training in a particular type of art tattoo technique from a practicing specialist in our studio.
3.2 The program involves an advanced level of art tattoo skills of the student (including after completing the FULL course of art tattoo in our studio).
  • cost – $150
  • course duration -1 work of the master in the chosen style
  • upon completion, a personal certificate of professional development in the style of (depending on the chosen) art tattoo is issued.
! Please note that we have fixed tuition prices. We do not have vague wording “from … to …” like some colleagues in the market, and therefore deceived expectations.
! Not a diploma adorns a specialist, but acquired skills. The fact of the importance of the diploma (certificate) is undeniable and is recognized by industry experts, however, personal achievements play a key role in employment and independent work. In our practice, there have been cases when specialists with international diplomas (certified by the International Tattoo and Piercing Association) could not find a job due to lack of competence, because unconditional priority is given to qualified masters. Ultimately, a diploma can be bought with delivery by mail, and knowledge is gained by experience and talent.
! In any case, you should be able and love to draw. Alas, no way without this.


Tattoo master


Master Dmitry
At the age of 16, he became interested in tattoos and piercings, began to study with familiar masters, and completed a course at MasterSkin Studio. In 2003, he began to do his first work with friends, then clients went on recommendations. In general, this is the case when a hobby has become a hobby, and a hobby – a job. This is what brought and brings pleasure (both to me and to clients????).
I make punctures of any complexity: from the earlobe to the most intimate parts of the body ????
Black and white tattoos: most of all I prefer Floristics and Japan.
I do laser tattoo removal.

Master’s work

Tattoo master

I am Alexander, and I consider that the artist is a relative concept. Is it the artist who bought a pack of paints, a box of pencils and ruined 154 canvases? Or is the artist the one who was educated at the institute and learned to draw a jug and an apple? ???? If this is the definition of an artist – then no, I’m not an artist. ????????‍♂️ I’m a master !!! I know the techniques, the nuances, the many secrets, I am a professional in my field. There are no favorite styles, I cope with all at a high level. What the eyes saw – the hands were transferred to the skin????????

Master’s work

Tattoo master


Master of artistic tattoos “Aksay” (Alex). I have been doing tattooing for 6 years, I studied at the Chinese tattoo salon Vestern in Dongguan. The styles I prefer to work in are: Celtic, Butler, Chicano, Polynesia, Tradition, Blackwork, Ornamental, Ethnicity, Geometry, Maori, Linwork, Engraving.

Master’s work

Tattoo master

Master Dmitry Krymsky

As a child, he began to be interested in art, driving through gates with paint cylinders and painting walls of all kinds
matyuki). I have been doing tattoos since 2015, professionally since 2016. I work in such
styles: Black & gray, horror, lettering, traditional, dotwork, new school.

Master’s work


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