DIN GIOR tattoo & piercing is a PREMIUM TATTOO CLUB, nice to meet you! You’re here because you’re looking for quality. Tattoo studio DIN GIOR implements experience of USA and EU countries in its work. Perfection is our primary goal. Smiling faces of clients, genuine amazement and happiness form a paradigm of the studio! We pay great attention to hygiene in studio; we use only disposable high quality consumables and expensive professional equipment.

    Tattooing is our passion and our life!t




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SAFE. Proven disposable consumables. Sterile needles, barrier protection and professional materials contribute to fast healing of tattoo and provide guaranteed protection from troubles.

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QUALITY GUARANTEE. Skilled specialists of DIN GIOR tattoo & piercing studio. Tattooing is a procedure that requires strict observance of sterility and safety rules as well as strict observance of healing rules. 

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Tattoo sketch Birds, Tattoo sketch Tattoo tattoo Rainbow tattoo, Tattoo sketch Rocket, Tattoo sketch Shell, Tattoo sketch Realism, Tattoo sketch Revolver, Robot tattoo sketch, Rose tattoo sketch, Mermaid tattoo sketch, Fish tattoo sketch, Knight tattoo sketch, Sakura tattoo sketch, Airplane tattoo sketch, Sansara tattoo sketch, 

REASONABLE PRICE. Price of one session (3-4 working hours) is only 200 euro. Moderate price and calm atmosphere – it is a unique opportunity to get a tattoo in very comfortable zone for adequate value. Minimal price (one-half working hour) is 85 euro.sketch of a Sandstone tattoo, sketch of a Penguin tattoo, sketch of a Peony tattoo, sketch of a Pyramid tattoo, sketch of a tattoo Pirate, sketch tattoo tattoo Cake, sketch tattoo tattoo Gun, sketch tattoo tattoo Tattoo tattoo tattoo tattoo Horseshoe, sketch tattoo tattoo Train, sketch tattoo tattoo Polynesia,Tattoo sketch Lipstick, Tattoo sketch Parrot, Tattoo sketch Poseidon, Candle tattoo sketch,Pig tattoo sketch, Sketch style tattoo sketch, Scorpion tattoo sketch, Treble clef tattoo sketch,


Elephant tattoo sketch, Death with a scythe tattoo sketch, Dog tattoo sketch, Owl tattoo sketch, Tattoo sketch, Spartan tattoo sketch , Tattoo Sketch Tattoo Spiral, Tattoo Sketch Tattoo Statue of Liberty, Tattoo Sketch Steampunk Tattoo, Ostrich Tattoo Sketch, Dragonfly Tattoo Sketch, Arrow Tattoo Sketch, Sphinx Tattoo Sketch,

PAINLESS. Service is provided at extra cost. Modern painkillers will completely release you from sense of discomfort during tattooing. Guaranteed Result at level of 80-95%.

Tank Tattoo Sketch, Phone Tattoo Sketch, Phone Tattoo Sketch Terminator, sketch tattoo tattoo Tiger, sketch tattoo tattoo Axes tattoo tattoo tattoo Trident,tattoo sketch of the Third Eye tattoo, sketch of the Triangle tattoo, sketch of the Thrash Polka tattoo, sketch of the Toucan tattoo, sketch of the Tulip tattoo, sketch of the Knot tattoo, sketch of the Duck tattoo, sketch of the Torch tattoo, sketch of the Pharaoh tattoo


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HEALING FILM. Service is provided at extra cost. Film Suprasorb F will help you to recover quickly and to heal the tattoo without any loss of quality. It is comfortable! You won’t have to wash your tattoo 3-4 times a day.

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Specifics of realistic style constitutes in most accurate and full conformity to the original. Colored (Realistic color tattoo), black and white (Realistic black & gray tattoo) compositions, 3D and portrait tattoos are usually allocated. This style requires the highest level of tattoo master artistic skill.

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Surrealism is a creative and original style of tattoo. Fragments of surrealist artists’ paintings, children's drawings or stories from your dreams may be taken as key image. Mind games on your body.

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Frog tattoo sketch, Frog tattoo sketch, Snake tattoo sketch, sketch tattoo tattoo elephant, sketch tattoo tattoo giraffe, sketch tattoo tattoo, sketch tattoo pike tattoo, sketch tattoo tattoo carp, sketch tattoo tattoo kangaroo, sketch tattoo tattoo koala, sketch tattoo tattoo cat, sketch tattoo tattoo crocodile, sketch tattoo tattoo tattoo tattoo tattoo tattoo tattoo, lobster tattoo sketch, crab tattoo sketch,

Blackwork is a style presupposing tattooing with the use of only black pigment. Nevertheless, gray wash tattoo style uses grey pigment along with the black one. Often it is even dominant.

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Colored tattoos. It is not an independent style, but colored variation of above-mentioned styles. It is worth mentioning styles predominating, but not limited to, in colored implementation: Trash Polka, Traditional, Water Color, New School, Old School, Neotrad, Japan, Biomechanics, Minimalism, Tribal etc. And here are styles more common for black and white tattooing: Celtics, Chicano, Dotwork, Geometry, Lettering, Linework, Mandala, Polynesia, Maori, etc.

sketch tattoo tattoo set, sketch tattoo tattoo Anna Incas, Mayan tattoo sketch, God tattoo sketch, Demon tattoo sketch, Demon tattoo sketch, Angel tattoo sketch, Devil tattoo sketch,satan tattoo sketch, tattoo tattoo sketch, star david tattoo sketch, cross tattoo sketch, crescent tattoo sketch, jesus tattoo sketch, cardinal tattoo sketch, bishop tattoo sketch, monk tattoo sketch, monk tattoo sketch , sketch tattoo tattoo church, sketch tattoo tattoo temple,


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Graphic tattoos are made by clearly defined contours with the use of hatching for covering and shading. Graphic tattoos have one important distinction that lies in the technique of work performance. All tattoo shades are made with hatches or dashes. Engraving style is similar by the technique of performance.

sketch tattoo tattoo helmet, sketch tattoo tattoo helmet,Katana Tattoo Sketch, Harp Tattoo Sketch, Guitar Tattoo Sketch, Saxophone Tattoo Sketch, Drum Tattoo Sketch, Fruit Tattoo Sketch, Vegetable Tattoo Sketch, Berries Tattoo Sketch, Mushroom Tattoo Sketch, Mushroom Tattoo Sketch, Apple Tattoo Sketch, Pear tattoo sketch, banana tattoo sketch, tattoo sketch, potato tattoo sketch, cabbage tattoo sketch, tomato tattoo sketch, onion tattoo sketch

Our masters can make tattoo in any style and every one of them always have ready sketches. Also you can develop the image together with master for free.

star tattoo sketch, universe tattoo sketch, meteor tattoo sketch, meteorite tattoo sketch, moon tattoo sketch, Mars tattoo sketch, Mercury tattoo sketch, Venus tattoo sketch, Jupiter tattoo sketch,Saturn tattoo sketch, wall tattoo sketch, Big Ben tattoo sketch, tower tattoo sketch, fortress tattoo sketch, tattoo sketch, hump tattoo sketch



sky tattoo sketch, river tattoo sketch, lake tattoo sketch, water tattoo sketch, wind tattoo sketch, fire tattoo sketch, elemental tattoo sketch, yin-yang tattoo sketch, snow tattoo sketch, rain tattoo sketch, cloud tattoo sketch, cloud tattoo sketch, cloud tattoo sketch,

Before you visit please do not have coffee, energy drinks and alcoholic drinks.

Try to stay relax and trust your Barber Master. We recommend you to eat well  before your visit the parlor, have enough sleeping and take a shower. It is very important not to drink alcoholic drinks the night before your visit to the parlor, Because alcohol increases blood circulation for the next 24 hours.tattoo sketch earth tattoo, wave tattoo sketch, tsunami tattoo sketch, storm tattoo sketch, storm tattoo sketch, storm tattoo sketch, downpour tattoo sketch, superhero tattoo sketch, superman tattoo sketch, papaya tattoo sketch, movie tattoo, TV series tattoo sketch ,sketch tattoo tattoo comics,sketch tattoo tattoo knight, sketch tattoo tattoo Marvel, sketch tattoo tattoo gladiator


At DIN GIOR we are concerned about your health safety. Apart from using disposable needles (We open cartridges and needles in front of you), We follow strict rules in order to avoid possible contamination. We do not Re Use material and drain all the disposable material right after the procedure.


Firstly it depends on the part of body where you want to have it as well as on your pain thresholds.  Usually painless parts on a body for a tattoo are the inner limb sides, the places where the skin is normally thin, and also where there are large numbers of nerve endings. On other places, the sensations will be less noticeable. When TKTX materials are applied, the sensitivity of the treated parts of body areas is reduced to a lower level by 80-90% (TKTX materials can be applied for additional cost).


In some cases YES, But it depends on what exactly you want to fix. The pattern which will overlap the “old aged” and improper Tattoo is important for consideration. The number of corrections to be made, the color schemes and number of parameters are also important things in the procedure.  That is why we offer a FREE CONSULTATION in order to decide an accurate solution for your problem.


sketch tattoo tattoo Star Wars, sketch tattoo tattoo iodine, sketch tattoo tattoo Indian, sketch tattoo tattoo cowboy, sketch tattoo tattoo Medusa Gorgon, sketch tattoo tattoo Hercules, sketch tattoo gargoyle, griffin tattoo sketch, dragon tattoo sketch, unicorn tattoo sketch, heat bird tattoo sketch, goldfish tattoo sketch,

Usually it takes 4 to 10 days for initial healing, and another 2-3 months for total healing (After total healing the care for your Tattoo is no longer required).

During first 4-5 days after a Tattoo is applied, it must be washed with antibacterial soap and lubricated with special NON ALLERGIC agents or creams.

Never stretch a fresh applied Tattoo.

Do not let your Tattoo get dry, Do not touch with dirty hands, avoid the direct sunlight and it is recommended to have tight clothing.

 The Tattoo master of our studio gives each client detailed instructions on how to care for a newly applied Tattoo

If you wish we can apply SUPRASORB F FILM on your Tattoo for additional charges, This allows additional care for most important period for your Tattoo first 3 – 4 days. We have special Spanish Balm and other Tattoo cosmetics which you can purchase at reasonable prices.voodoo zombie tattoo sketch, hammer tattoo sketch, binoculars tattoo sketch, fan tattoo sketch, fan tattoo sketch globe, umbrella tattoo sketch, toy tattoo sketch, carousel tattoo sketch, castle tattoo sketch, key tattoo sketch, wheel tattoo sketch, compass tattoo sketch, iron tattoo sketch, steel tattoo sketch, steel tattoo sketch cast iron, tattoo sketch tattoo cassette, tattoo sketch lighthouse tattoo, tattoo sketch tattoo bracelet

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