Tattoo up from 600 uah
Tattoo Artist Hourly Rate 1000 uah
Sticking healing film up from 100 uah
Piercing (the cost is specified without decoration)
Earlobe, trestle, ear cartilage up from 120 uah
Tunnels (per unit) up from 700 uah
Tongue, frenulum 400 uah
Nose Wing, nasal Septum, nose bridge 400 uah
Lower Lip (center), Bottom Lip (side), Upper Lip (Monroe), Smiley 400 uah
Eyebrow (horizontally), Eyebrow (vertically) 400 uah
Navel 400 uah
Genitals, Nipples up from 700 uah
Microdermal up from 900 uah
Microdermal Removal up from 300 uah
Top Replacement up from 250 uah
Installation or Replacement of Jewelry up from 100 uah
Professional Skincare and Cleaning up from 100 uah
Laser tattoo removal
Laser tattoo removal up from 400 uah
Artistic tattoo courses
One-day master class $ 150
Basic course $ 150
Full course $ 360
Piercing course
Classic $ 200
Intim+extreme $ 200
Classic+intim+extreme $ 350