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For all piercing lovers, and those who still did not dare to do it, a master works in DIN GIOR tattoo & piercing.
He is of high quality, professional, and most importantly - will quickly make a puncture of any complexity and in any place.
Our master has tremendous experience in the field of piercing, including extreme and intimate;).
To pierce the ears (it’s fast), to pierce the navel (it doesn’t hurt), to make a nose piercing, a smile (it’s fashionable) is not a question, you also need to choose the right decoration.
In our studio you can buy professional jewelry made of titanium (material that is not oxidized) or a comfortable bioplast (which is completely hypoallergenic and ideal for the initial puncture) with Swarovski crystals. The wizard will help you choose the right decoration so that it does not rub, does not cling and is in size, because it depends on how quickly your puncture heals.
You can also come with your own decoration. We will sterilize it in an autoclave, our master will make a piercing and use your jewelry.