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For all piercing fans, and those who still have to get their first piercing, DIN GIOR Tattoo & Piercing Studio proudly presents Dmitry, our very own piercing artist. He can do any piercing in any body part with professionalism and quality and – which is more – he’ll do it very quickly.
Our Dmitry has an enormous piercing experience, including extreme and genital piercing. You can tell him about any of your piercing fantasies on the subject of piercing, and he will help you to make it come true and give you some advice on proper piercing care.
Still, one thing is piercing your earlobe (fast), navel (painless), nose or even doing a smiley (very trendy), but another thing is choosing the right jewelry.
In our studio, you can purchase professional titanium jewelry (titanium does not oxidize) or bioplast (totally hypoallergenic and perfect for the first puncture) with Swarovski crystals. Dmitry will help you to choose your jewelry – one that doesn’t graze your skin, does not cling to it and fits you perfectly. As a result, your piercing will heal quickly.
You can also bring your own jewelry. After sterilizing it in an autoclave, Dmitry will do the piercing with your jewelry.


Dmitry, tattoo and piercing artist

I started dabbing into tattoo and piercing as early as 16: I learned from artists I knew and completed a MasterSkin studio course. In 2003, I started doing my first tattoos – first on friends, who then recommended me to other clients. All in all, first it turned into a hobby of mine, and then this hobby became my job. It brings pleasure to both me and my clients.

What I can do:

- piercings of any complexity: from earlobes to the most private body parts

- tattoos, both B/W and color, preferably floral and Japanese-styled.

- laser tattoo removal.


Ready to meet your master?

Ready to meet your master?