DIN GIOR tattoo & piercing school has a unique competence in piercing training! We teach for years and we know our business.

The course consists of theoretical and practical parts for skill practice on real people

We provide all necessary materials and tools for training period

All course teachers are experienced practicing masters of our studio

Classes schedule is individual for every student

Internationally recognized Piercing Master Certificate

We follow all necessary safety requirements during training and work with equipment and models

Master corrects the program for every client depending on the level of expertise and speed of learning

It is probably the best ratio of price and final result!

DIN GIOR tattoo & piercing School training program


Certification and licensing standards. Requirements for piercing offices and specialists
Terminology. Types of punctures
Work safety. Sterilization. Procedure antiseptics
Anesthesia for piercing. Client survey and questionnaire
Types and materials of used jewelry and their variety (earrings, barbells, labrets, microlabrets, bananas, navels, nostrils, rings, circulars etc.)
Brief overview of anatomical restrictions and options of piercing
Anatomic features of body in puncture places
Contradictions, complications after the procedure


Individual choice of jewelry in accordance with body peculiarities
Familiarization with equipment for piercing. Practical use of equipment
Order of procedure for zones. Preparation of client for procedure (contradictions, history taking)
Practicing of punctures on models
Specifics of care after jewelry installed
Side effects. Possible mistakes and elimination methods. Psychological aspect and conflict resolution


Individual training will allow you to quickly master the art of piercing in the most complete and popular form. After all, the course includes almost all types of punctures that satisfy the bulk of consumers. You will work out not only such classic punctures on models as: wing of the nose, navel, cartilage, eyebrow, lip and tongue, but also extreme punctures of the lip, smiley, septum and tragus. You will have a wonderful opportunity to build a portfolio and get recommendations for promoting your services for clients

The training schedule is flexible and takes into account your abilities. All consumables, equipment and allowances are provided by the salon.

You can learn more about the course by contacting us via the feedback form or by phone.

At the end of the course, you will receive not only a new profession, but also an international master's diploma.

DURATION:  16-20 hours

12 000


The course is suitable for those who want to learn piercing from scratch. The training is based on working out the main most popular punctures. You will learn how to pierce the most popular piercing sites such as lobe, ear cartilage, nose, navel and tongue.

In the absence of their own studio provides assistance in finding models. The class schedule is flexible and adapts to you. All consumables, equipment and training materials are provided by the salon.

Upon completion of the course, an international diploma is issued.

DURATION:  8 hours

7000 ₴


Master classes on certain specialized types of piercing are conducted by experienced masters of artistic piercing individually with the listener. During which the student masters the complete theoretical and practical knowledge base on the model. The types of master classes are listed below, the cost for each varies from 5000 hryvnia:

  • Genital piercing (male or female)
  • Ear cartilage puncture of increased complexity (non-traditional punctures)
  • Flat piercing and microdermal
  • Stretching tunnels
  • Stitching of the earlobes after tunnels and injuries
  • Forked tongue
  • Implants (subcutaneous)

Graduates are awarded an international certificate.

DURATION:  6-8 hours

5000 ₴

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