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Dear busy ladies and girls! Want to always stay perfect-looking but have no time to apply make-up every morning? Think about PERMANENT MAKE-UP.
Only 2 hours of your time, and you get an effect lasting from 6 months to 3 years. You will stay beautiful every day, without any effort. And you’ll be able to sleep a little longer in the morning! Also, our tattoo artist can even mask the black circles under your eyes. She’ll do it so well that no doctor would believe you’re sick J
In our studio, you can get pretty powder brows, visually thicker eyelashes (by tattooing gaps between your eyelashes), perfect eyeliner arrows and perfectly colored super sexy lips.
Anna, our permanent makeup artist, is always aware of all trends. She often visits exhibitions and seminars. Anna buys the best ink from European manufacturers. She knows a lot of techniques, from powdery brows and microblading (very thin eyebrow tattooing) to 3D-volume lips, non-contoured nude lips, and combined techniques.
Our makeup stays as close to the natural look as possible, so your friends wouldn’t even suspect that you visited our permanent makeup artist unless you tell them (we certainly hope for it!).

Master Ann

I've been a makeup artist for all my friends since childhood, but I never thought something would come out of it. I studied at a teacher training university and have an art degree. I used to draw pictures to make a living. But then I realized that my childhood obsession with makeup can be my new job. In 2013, I completed a permanent makeup course and a special permanent makeup design course. In 2017, I had training in removing permanent makeup and tattoos with special equipment.






Ready to meet your master?

Ready to meet your master?