We are DIN GIOR, we are in business for a long time and we are working hard on our mastery improvement. But we’re ready to share our skills! Anything needless, only classics and classical approach. Because the main thing is a high-quality haircut together with special treatment of client. DIN GIOR will teach not only haircut and shaving, but proper communication with customer too.


For those who want to make money and to do it with pleasure!

For those who want to change the annoying routine and who search for a decently paid job he/she likes

For those who want to learn a new profession quick and qualitatively and to start make money from the first day after training

For those who’ve decided to become a person of free creative profession that gives pleasure and satisfaction

For those who need permanent communication and would like to get acquainted with interesting people more often

For those who never touched scissors or clipper and want to master barbering

For self-leaners who want to become professionals

For those who lost the progress or who is stuck and feels the lack of knowledge

DIN GIOR tattoo & piercing School training program

We in DIN GIOR stand out from the crowd not by haircuts but by their quality, as well as by simplicity and service. In our school, you will learn all basic elements of haircuts, shaving and communication with clients. We believe in simplicity, modesty and restrain – and if you share our values, you have a chance to become a part of our team after training.


Equipment, its types and characteristics
Cosmetics and its application
Barber workplace, its maintenance and cleaning
Routine sanitary standards, disinfection and equipment maintenance
Meeting and communication with client
Choice of haircut depending on anatomic features of client’s head and hair structure
Form and analysis of classical male haircut
Barber’s daily workflow
How to make money in barbering


Work with clipper
Work with scissors
Classical and elongated types of haircuts
Fade modelling technique
Modelling of beard and mustache
Shaving with a straight razor


The optimal ratio of price, quality and efficiency. After mastering basic theoretical skills and practicing them on artificial hair, the student proceeds to practice on models. Classes are held individually, at a time convenient for you. The result of the training is a portfolio of works and reviews from satisfied customers.

This is a special course for would-be masters that combines both theory and advanced practice.

Classes are intensive, so you get results much faster. For example, training can last as little as two weeks – ideal for those who value their time.

Moreover, for those who come to our city for holidays or vacations. You gain knowledge quickly and return home already in a new status - status of a Barber.

On course you will have individual practice on 30 models. You will master with teacher not only basic types of fade (Taper, Low, Mid, High, Burst, Mohawk) and technic of long haircuts, and peculiarities of classical shaving with razor

Graduates are awarded an international master's diploma.




DURATION:  100 hours / 10 days

1200 €


A well-structured barbering training course will help you to work your way up from a beginner to a real pro, starting with a theoretical program, ending with full-fledged practice on live models.

The best barbers with many years of experience will turn you into real professionals in their field.

If you are looking for training courses in barbering, then come to us.

You will be able to do the most common haircuts of the initial and middle levels. The acquired skills will make it possible to progress quickly enough when practicing and self-improving.

The course includes a total of 13 models of different types of fade and elongated haircuts, as well as a classic straight razor shave master class.

Upon completing the course, you will acquire not only a new profession, but also an international master's diploma.






DURATION:  35 hours  / 5 days

500 €

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