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Din Gior

Hello! My name is Din Gior. And now I will tell you briefly about my studio of artistic tattoo and piercing DIN GIOR tattoo & piercing, which is located in the very center of Kiev. I will introduce you closer to DIN GIOR tattoo & piercing, with our friendly team and justify why it is worth choosing us and our masters!
I am the owner of a significant number of tattoos on my body, and upon arrival in Kiev I wanted to continue to hammer in the “sleeve”. One way or another, Google brought me to a large solid salon, which was (and by the way, still is) on Podil. I already had a sketch, so the master just made me translate the drawing on the forearm. Well, he "did", rather tried. The contour turned out to be a curve, the lines were blurry, but the worst thing was that the “master” did not consider it necessary to adhere to the plot of the drawing and its shades, and I had to interrupt the session in order not to aggravate the consequences...
At that moment, the idea was born to make exemplary salon in Kiev, which would be example to everyone else. And I proudly declare that I did it!
The most advanced equipment, proper sterilization of the instrument, and:
First, in my tattoo studio work only the BEST tattoo artists, who have an individual approach to each client and an impressive portfolio. Each master has regalia and personal professional achievements. Foreign work experience, nominations for tattoo festivals, regular workshops in Europe, etc. This is an uncompromisingly professional tattoo artist. Without any "But!" And this will be the guarantee that your tattoo will be performed QUALITATIVELY! Also, in the process of tattoo healing, the studio masters are constantly in touch and are ready to help and answer questions, because you are a priority for us.
Secondly, my studio provides piercing services of any complexity and in any place where you only wish and fantasy will allow! I have the best piercer in Kiev !!! Why words, come and see for yourself. And at the same time in DIN GIOR tattoo & piercing affordable prices for punctures and a large selection of jewelry for any type of piercing.
Third, if you previously made a mistake in choosing a tattoo master and want to eliminate the consequences of his "work", or you are no longer satisfied with the picture on your body, then a certified specialist in my salon will laser remove the tattoo using the latest generation of neodymium laser. I also emphasize that this neodymium laser does not leave scars on the skin. And then, you can apply a new artistic tattoo to the same place, that is, make a cover. And, of course, this is worth doing in DIN GIOR tattoo & piercing so that the result exceeds your expectations!
Fourth, my tattoo artists share experiences with those who want to learn and take a course in tattooing and piercing. Tattoo and piercing courses are individual and designed so that it is convenient for you to combine work or study with training. The teacher will provide you with everything you need for the courses, starting with equipment, ending with models for tattoos and piercings. Training is conducted in my studio on the most modern equipment according to a special program. Upon completion of training in art tattooing or piercing, you will receive a certificate of international standard.
I support the ideas of the most daring and creative.
DIN GIOR tattoo & piercing removes any framework and does not limit the client in anything, and I consider this the key to success.
The best for you! I am ready to vouch for the professionalism of my masters and invite you to come and see for yourself!
You just need to trust the professionals of DIN GIOR tattoo & piercing, and our friendly team will guarantee you a job well done, excellent jokes and a lot of good mood.
Regards, Din Gior.